FEBRUARY 3rd 2024, 
12.00pm-1.30pm PST
FREE Virtual Dinner Party:
Ignite Your Path & Re-Invent You!
For Women Who Are Ready For More in Their Lives.
Time flies when having fun, getting inspired, having support & tips, and meeting new people...
Be Excited About 2024 & Your Future Again!
Secret 1
Nobody is selling anything at this free event, including me!
Secret 2
4 Breakout sessions give a safe environment for connection, tips & encouragement.
Secret 3
There is no replay for this event, so make sure you come to the live

Support to Ignite Your Path, Take Your Next Best Steps
& Re-Invent You!

Get more focused vision for your next best steps
In this event you get to connect  with other women in the main room as well as in small breakout rooms. There you get specific questions to share, and get tips and encouragement from others in the breakout room. And... you are also making connections. It's fun and helpful.
It will run approximately 90 minutes - time goes quickly when interacting with others!

Meet Your Host
Mitta Vicki Wise
Visualization Coach
Originally a registered nurse from NZ, Mitta lived in Australia where she lived a more holistic & meditative lifestyle, so that when she finally settled in Los Angeles, California... it was an easy transition to being a holistic practitioner adding many holistic modalities such as hypnotherapy, bodywork, & various energy therapies.
From there she has developed success & wellness online programs - both one on one and group.  She has helped so many  women with stress management & clarity through career & life transitions -- upleveling their lives big time in the process.
In her down time she meditates, sings, walks, does yoga, and spends time with her partner Mike & friends. She is heavily involved in two non profits that are dear to her heart.
Mitta travels to India or Nepal every year & NZ every 2-3 years.
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