The Purposed Woman

Purposed Vision For Your
Next Best Steps

A 10 Day Experiential Program For
Professional Women in Transition

Going Through Any of These?
Exploring Options
Career Changes
Laid Off
Want Time Off or To Be Off the Work Grid
In a 'Gap' Period
Starting a Business
Changing Your Business
Entrepreneur swivels
Just Want Change!

Don't know where you are going or how to get there? ... or even who you are  through  all of this?
I can help.

Let's support  you in figuring out what you want, whether it be creative pursuits, a new career, or starting/changing a business. And if you're ready... let's get you in motion to your chosen destination!

I'm offering this INTRODUCTORY JUMPSTART program to support you in crossing that bridge from
where you are now to where you uniquely want to be.
In these 10 days I teach you the Visualization Success Linking Process, and other tools so that you can take your next best steps with excitement, confidence, clarity and motivation!

The 10 Day INTRODUCTORY Program is a One on One Program
It is CURRENTLY $297

What's Included in the 10 Days

3 Zoom/Call Days plus 7 Days of Content, Exercises, Video & Webinar Access

Day 1: An intro Private Call/Zoom
Visioning, Possibility & Setting Up Call

Day 5:  A Private Check In Call/Zoom
Custom Guided Visualization

Day 10: A Private or Semi Private Call/Zoom
Custom Possibility Visioning

Daily Content on Non Call days
Clear Path Visualizations
Supportive Energy Exercises
Special Insight Exercises
Email Access to me

Bonus: Access to the recorded ReInventing Yourself in Changing Times Event with 25 speakers

Some of the 10 Day Outcomes That Participants Have

Open Horizons, New Connections &  Opportunities

Find a new career or start a business!
Make changes within a career or business

Discover vision/have a clearer path
Delve deeper into the vision and plant seeds

Learn more about the Power of Visualization & why it's so important. Gain this experience for a lifetime

 Learn different visualization  techniques including the Clear Path Visualization

Learn other clarity, insight, energy & confidence techniques & have them for a lifetime

Build confidence, clarity, connection & momentum with the 10 day program

Jumpstart your next best and focused steps!

*Take a focused step when & if ready
Some of you are ready to take a step now,  some will do it gradually over more time than 10 days... and some of you are in discovery & getting clear mode & not ready for that step.
Wherever you are is ok.
Use the 10 day program as a jumpstart and/or for clarity, discovery & insights.

Spacing the 10 Day Program for No Pressure:

I know you are busy!
Let's customize the program for you to fit into your work/family/other schedule.

10 consecutive days - Best
A day in between each designated day
Customized. *Within 21 days

Thank you ahead of time for your program feedback and testimonial
Here are my gratitude gifts:

Access to the recorded Make A Shift Event with 5 speakers
A Video Promotion or Brief Interview on my FB page or timeline
$500 off The Purposed Woman Complete Program

*Refer a paid friend for a half-off program!*


What is visualization and why is it so powerful? How can it help?
Visualization is imagining in your mind's eye. It is a technique to using your imagination in a targeted positive way. We get so many messages daily from media, environment, friends & family. Not all are positive and meant for you. With visualization you choose what messages are best for you, what you want to see and what will propel you into your next best steps, vision, goals & dreams!
We also use other supportive techniques along with coaching in the 10 days

How long are the calls?
The calls range from 20 - 40 minutes depending on the call

How long will the content exercises on non call days be?
Usually around 30 minutes

What if I need more support after the 10 days?
The 10 Day program will give you a wonderful foundation and jumpstart.
And yes...ongoing consistency, accountability, adding new skills, creating & tweaking visualizations,
strengthening confidence, inviting more opportunities, creating further motion & having support
are also super important!
I have different kinds of support available for you once the 10 day program is over
Let's talk about it as the 10 day program winds down... or on a get more info call

Join Me On Our Journey of
Discovery, Awareness, Leadership, Love & Success!

Originally a registered nurse from NZ, Mitta moved to Australia where she lived a more holistic & meditative lifestyle, so that when she finally settled in Los Angeles, California... it was an easy transition to being a holistic practitioner adding many holistic modalities such as hypnotherapy, bodywork, & various energy therapies.
From there she has developed success & wellness online programs - both one on one and group.  She has helped so many women in transitions go from stressed to purposed, stuck to successful & alone to connected - upleveling their lives big time in the process.
In her down time she meditates, sings, walks, does yoga, and spends time with her partner Mike & friends. She is heavily involved in two non profits that are dear to her heart.
Mitta travels to India or Nepal every year & NZ every 2-3 years.
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